Sunday, September 8, 2013

Reclaiming you Music from an iPod

A while ago I wrote a quick tip on how to mount an ipod in linux, I did this while working on a python script that would retrieve all my music from my ipod and put it back into a file structure of my choosing with file and directory names that a human being can understand. The reason for this is simply the fact that I kept rating music over time and ended up rating everything - an information I don't want to loose as I migrate all music onto my phone.

I have checked some pointers on how to reclaim music from an ipod but none of those seemed to work the way I wanted it to (some didn't work at all) and so I wrote this myself. Plus, it's a nice opportunity to learn some python.

The script has been laying around for some time now and I probably won't get the last and most crucial thing to work: Writing the rating into the mp3 files in a way that other players pick it up. This really is the last thing I need and I can't make it work. Anyway, so I release this and hope someone else finds it useful.

The code can be found on github. Feel free to fork and improve, it's not very generic yet.

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