Thursday, January 28, 2016

Buying Multimeters: The Uni-T UT61E

This is not a review, just a quick teardown of the Uni-T UT61E. If you expected a review, check out the in-depth review by Martin Lorton on youtube:

And to balance things out, also check out what Dave Jones of the EEVBlog has to say about the Uni-T UT71E and UT61E in general.

Now with the basics out of the way, below are a few shots of a new-ish specimen. This is to allow others to compare their own multimeters with mine and to have a record whether Uni-T improves their input protection.

Some basic information about the device:

  • Ordered in early January 2016
  • Ordered from China via aliexpress (Apparently, there's a european version with improved input protection)
  • Manufactured in June 2015

In general: It feels solid and works as expected.

From the pictures you can see, that the input plugs and protection wasn't improved too much. It differs a bit from what Martin Lorton has reviewed. Plenty more images to compare when you google image search for UT61E teardown. They also still use the same fuses that Dave Jones hates so much. I'd love to see him blow up various fuses for an actual scientific comparison between these fuse brands.

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